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Tips For Having A Great Post-Divorce Valentine's Day 

     Attorney, Life Redefining/ transition coach, and author Laurie Giles, helps women navigate through the legal maze of life altering situations and come out the other side stronger, wiser and ready to create the life they desire.

 Challenges times come into every life and often the first question is; what now? Laurie Giles, Esq. has helped countless women answer that question. In her role as an attorney, Laurie guides her clients through the legal maze of challenging life altering events, such as divorce, aging parents, child custody, death of a spouse and serious illness.

     As a professional life transition/ redefining coach she helps women to find the inner strength and courage to not only get through, but to come out stronger, wiser and ready to create the life they desire.

 In her What Now? Book and workbook series, Laurie Giles gives women practical, step-by-step advice on working through issues that every family deals with.

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